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BGS ENERGY into manufacturing and supplying of WORLD CLASS Solar Energy Equipment like Solar water heaters, Solar Fencing, Solar Lighting, Solar power for Domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Each product is engineered for user satisfaction using green energy with ZERO maintenance cost.
OUR VISION: For a pollution free atmosphere using renewable energy
OUR POLICY: Protect our Planet and our atmosphere by Powering with world class GREEN SOLAR branded equipments backed by Prompt after sale service
OUR MISSION: To harness the sun by Maximum utilization of green energy.
The sun has produced energy for billions of years. Solar energy is the sun’s rays (solar radiation) that reach the earth. Solar energy is the mother of most renewable energies on earth. The sun powers natural cycles on earth like the wind, water flow and plant growth. The market in India for energy efficiency and renewable energy (RE) is estimated at $2.5 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 15 percent. The new RE policy of the Government of India (GOI) that aimed at generating 10,000 mw by 2012, through renewable and non-conventional sources, is expected to further boost the growth rate of this sector.

India receives a good level of solar radiation, the daily incidence ranging from 4 to 7 Kilowatt-hours per Meter Square (Kwh/M2) and can utilize this to generate power and thermal applications.

With increased power costs, alternative source of power has become the need of the day. Harnessing Solar Power has therefore become the need of the day. Several niche applications in areas of Solar Fencing, Traffic Signal Lighting, Home Lighting Systems, Street Lighting Systems and a few other novel products, making use of Solar Energy are being developed and marketed by BGS ENERGY.

Solar energy can be converted into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity. In the 1830s, British astronomer John Herschel used a solar thermal collector box (a device that absorbs sunlight to collect heat) to cook food during an expedition to Africa. Today, people use the sun's energy various applications mentioned above.

Solar energy can be converted to thermal (or heat) energy and used to:
¤   Heat water – for use in homes, buildings, or swimming pools.
¤   Heat spaces – inside greenhouses, homes, and other buildings.

We consider and give vast importance to
¤   Customer Satisfaction – We have over one lakh satisfied users in India over a period of time
¤   Total Quality Management – Our solar collectors being rated the best in the industry
Network - A wide network of our authorised dealers in various part of India backed by an efficient after sales & service network to give a total customer satisfaction
¤   Our system analysis and design, which is being done using latest solar radiation and design packages.
We are yet to receive the BIS certification for our systems and shortly be approved by MNRE (MNES) New Delhi.


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